Transforming ‘Clean Girl’ Into ‘Glass Skin’: The Allure Of Skincare Evolution

565 wordsPublished On: January 19th, 2016

In the realm of trends, skincare has emerged as the focal point at the beginning of the new year, fueled by a burgeoning fascination with naturally radiant skin. The focus has shifted from concealing imperfections to amplifying the skin’s innate beauty.

Influencers and beauty content creators are recalibrating their attention towards skincare, prioritizing makeup removers, cleansers, serums, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers, and other skin-nurturing products. Whether through major cosmetics brands’ releases or on social media, the spotlight is unequivocally on skincare. Countless strategies and tips circulate, all designed to facilitate the achievement of a fresh, luminous, yet authentic complexion.

Hybrid Beauty Products: The Explosive Trend Continues

As per a report released by Circana in July, it was revealed that over half of American makeup users (53%) are seeking hybrid makeup and skincare products, marking a six-point increase from the previous year. This trend encompasses multifunctional products, like tinted serums and CC creams that nourish and even out skin tone, tinted lip balms that moisturize and add color, as well as anti-aging creams with tint and mascaras fortified with active ingredients for nourishing and lengthening lashes. These hybrid or two-in-one skincare items have witnessed remarkable growth in recent months. On TikTok, a major influencer of beauty trends, the hashtag #hybridskincare has already amassed over eight million views, signaling the burgeoning interest in these products.

Beyond the convenience offered by these products, the adoption of these new beauty routines reflects a desire to care for the skin while still embracing makeup. This resurgence inevitably shines a spotlight on Korean skincare with its dual-purpose concepts. This notion is supported by a Fresha platform report indicating a 258% surge in Google searches for “Korean skincare” over the past five years, along with over 7.5 billion views for the #koreanskincare hashtag on TikTok, underscoring the widespread appeal of such products.

Refining Your Beauty Rituals: Elevating Your Everyday Routine

Presently, the quest for flawless skin is epitomized by a surge in beauty trends that aim for a coveted fresh, luminous appearance without appearing overly done. Fresha’s data reveals a 202% increase in searches for products that promise a ‘glass skin’ effect, characterized by a naturally radiant, dewy complexion over the past five years, with over four billion views on TikTok. Similarly, global online searches for ‘glowy skin’ have risen by 178% in the last week, propelled by globally renowned influencers such as Hailey Bieber, with a hashtag approaching four billion views on TikTok.

These trends, gravitating towards lighter, more natural makeup while not entirely abandoning it, seem to align with the “clean girl” aesthetic, heralded as the epitome of fresh, natural beauty, which emerged around 2022. This phenomenon has gradually gained traction and appears poised to endure, potentially revolutionizing certain beauty customs.

“The ‘clean girl’ aesthetic is not just a passing trend; it’s rapidly gaining momentum due to its emphasis on a healthy, glowing complexion. Influential figures like Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber embracing this trend have also spurred their fans to pursue a similar appearance,” remarked a Fresha spokesperson.

This trend also manifests in the ‘high maintenance to low maintenance’ regimen, which involves occasional rigorous and costly treatments to reduce the time spent on morning grooming routines. Coupled with a significant interest in skin-nourishing food and supplements, as well as activities aimed at enhancing overall well-being, we are witnessing the emergence of a holistic beauty paradigm that encompasses aesthetics, physical health, and mental well-being.

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