Mousse Foam Bottle WIth Massage Clean Brush Head

PBF06-100 100ml 180mm 45mm
PBF06-150 150ml 208mm 45mm
PBF06-200 200ml 228mm 45mm

Color: As picture or customized                                                                   Material: PET, PP

Sample: Free samples available                                                                       MOQ: 5000pcs

Product Description

Product Overview

1. Foaming Mousse Bottle: Foam pump bottle made of high-quality plastic material, with spiral bottle mouth, effective prevent water leakage, which is safe for you to use.

2. Press Type Pump Head: Travel pump bottle use press type foaming pump head, you just need to gently press it to get rich and delicate foam.

3. Silicone Brush: Pump bottles use unique silicone brush head design, smooth and soft, which can help deep clean facial pores. Don’t worry about the liquid leaking out.

4. Multifunction: Foaming bottle used for DIY foaming hand sanitizer, shower cream, wash milk, detergent etc. Used to produce shampoo foam, you can get rich foam.

5. Using the Scene: Foaming pump bottle suitable for hotels, business trips, travel. Portable size, can be stored in backpacks and travel bags.

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Components & Materials

Pump ABS
Body PET
Over cap PP

Why Choose Foam Bottles?

1. Lightweight and Shatter-Resistant: PET is lightweight yet durable, making it an ideal material for foam bottles. Its shatter-resistant nature ensures that the packaging can withstand the rigors of handling and transportation, safeguarding the product integrity.

2. Recyclability: PET is a widely recycled material, making PET foam bottles a sustainable packaging choice. Their recyclability aligns with environmentally conscious consumer preferences and contributes to circular economy initiatives.

3. Chemical Resistance: PET is resistant to various chemicals, providing protection for the cosmetic product against potential interactions or degradation caused by the packaging material.

4. Versatility in Design: Foam bottles can be designed in various shapes and sizes, offering versatility in packaging design options to suit different cosmetic products and branding requirements.

5.Environmental Credentials: PET foam bottles can be part of a brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability due to their lightweight nature, recyclability, and potential for reduced carbon footprint during transportation.

Custom OEM & ODM Service

Dalica offers one-stop custom OEM and ODM service for foam pump bottle.

1. Materials: Choose from materials like PET, HDPE, PP, or other plastic polymers, each offering unique features and properties.

2.Sizes and Shapes: Customize foam bottle sizes and shapes to align with your product range and branding needs.

3.Colors: Explore options for Pantone color matching, color gradients, and translucent or opaque variations.

4.Surface Finishes: Consider matte, glossy, frosted, or textured finishes to enhance aesthetics and tactile experience.

5.Printing and Labeling: Discuss options for screen printing, heat transfer labeling, or in-mold labeling to create a distinct visual identity.

6.Closure Systems: Customize pump, sprayer, or cap designs to align with product application requirements and user experience goals.

Packaging & Shipping

1.For small quantity, shipment is preferred to shipping with express by UPS, FEDEX or DHL to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2.For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by sea, air, door to door, express or economy. Let us know your requirement, we’ll try to save your budget and meet deadline.

The FAQs About Foam Bottles?

A:1.Foaming Nozzle: The foaming nozzle is designed with a specific pattern of small apertures or meshes through which the liquid product and air are mixed during dispensing.

2.Dip Tube: Inside the bottle, there is a dip tube that reaches to the bottom of the bottle, allowing the pump to draw the liquid up to the foaming nozzle.

3.Internal Chamber: The foam pump also contains an internal chamber that is responsible for mixing the liquid with air. As the liquid is pushed through the foaming nozzle, it mixes with air, creating a rich, frothy foam.

A: Foam pump bottles are suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products such as facial cleansers, body washes, hand soaps, hair care products, and baby care products, providing a luxurious and pleasant application experience.

A: Yes, foam pump bottles are available in various sizes, including travel-sized options, offering convenience and portability for consumers on the go.

A: Foam pump bottles can be manufactured using materials such as PET, PP, and HDPE, offering flexibility in design, durability, and compatibility with different formulations.

A: Foam pump bottles can also be used for packaging and dispensing industrial and household cleaning products, offering controlled and efficient application for various cleaning solutions.

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I love the jars! They are amazing quality and they are very very pretty 5/5 recommend.



Have yet to use them but from looking at them, they are great quality! shipping was also really fast! im extremely happy with my purchase.


I got the 8oz jars for my face cream and they look jus like the picture . My customers love them and i cant wait to make my next order




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