Customized Color Double Wall Acrylic Cream Jar

SKU Capacity Height Dimension
J10-5 5g 29mm 35mm
J10-10 10g 35mm 52mm
J10-15 15g 38mm 62mm
J10-30 30g 44mm 62mm
J10-50 50g 49mm 72mm
J10-100 100g 64mm 84mm
J10-150 150g 70mm 90mm
J10-200 200g 87mm 90mm

Color: As picture or customized                                                Material: PMMA, ABS, PE, PP

Sample: Free samples available                                                                       MOQ: 5000pcs

Product Description

Product Overview

1.Light Protection: The opaque black color provides protection against light exposure, which can help to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of light-sensitive ingredients in the face cream.

2.Elegant Appearance: The black acrylic material conveys a sense of luxury and sophistication, adding a high-end aesthetic to the packaging of the face cream.

3.Durable and Lightweight: Acrylic is known for being durable yet lightweight, making it a practical and travel-friendly option for packaging face creams.

4.Moisture Resistance: Acrylic jars offer good moisture resistance, helping to keep the cream inside fresh and preventing potential leakage.

5.Customization Potential: The double-wall construction allows for potential customization options, such as adding branding or decorative elements between the walls, enhancing the visual appeal of the jar.

6.USAGE: Perfect dispenser for foundation, serums, creams, moisturizers, hand sanitizer, light lotions, or DIY skincare items. Ideal for packaging homemade beauty gifts.

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Components & Materials

Outer Cap ABS
Inner Cap LDPE
Cap Linner LDPE
Disc ABS
Inner Bowl ABS
Outer Base PMMA

Why Choose Acrylic Cream Jar?

1.Transparency: Acrylic offers crystal-clear transparency, allowing theproduct inside the jar to be prominently displayed, which isparticularly beneficial for showcasing the color and texture ofcosmetic products.

2.Durability: Acrylic is highly durable and impact-resistant, providingreliable protection for the delicate contents of cosmetic products,reducing the risk of breakage during handling and transportation.

3.Customization: Acrylic can be easily shaped and molded into varioussizes and designs, offering extensive opportunities for creative andunique cosmetic packaging solutions

4.UV Protection: Acrylic provides good UV resistance, safeguardingight-sensitive cosmetic formulations and ingredients fromdegradation due to exposure to sunlight.

5.Branding and Aesthetics: Acrylic jars offer ample potential forcustomization, such as the addition of branding elements, decorativefeatures, and unique colors, to create visually appealing and brandedcosmetic packaqing.

Custom OEM & ODM Service

Dalica offers an extensive array of customization services for acrylic cream jar, encompassing materials, sizes, colors, surface finishes, shapes, and more, to meet the specific needs of each customer.

1.Materials: Customization of packaging materials to align withspecific requirements, such as glass, plastic, acrylic, or eco-friendly options, to ensure product compatibility andsustainability.

2.Capacities: For J10, it has 5g, 10g, 15g, 30g, 50g, 100g,150g,200g.lf you want other capacities, we have other acrylic cream jar for you.

3.Colors: Providing options for your color selection to match thebrand’s visualidentity and create packaging that resonates withthe target markt.

4.Surface Finishes: Offering a variety of surface finish options suchas matte, glossy, or textured finishes to enhance the visual andtactile appeal of the packaging.

Packaging & Shipping

1.For small quantity,shipment is preferred to shipping with express by UPS, FEDEX or DHL to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2.For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by sea, air, door to door, express or economy. Let us know your requirement, we’ll try to save your budget and meet deadline.

The FAQs About Cream Jar

A:Our cream jars are available in PP, PET, PETG, and acrylic materials, offering a range of options to suit different product needs and preferences.

A: Our range of cream jars encompasses various sizes to accommodate different needs, including popular options such as 8 oz cosmetic jars and 50g cream jars.

A: We specialized cosmetic bottles are available for different product types, designed to optimize storage and dispensing for specific formulations such as serums, lotions, and essential oils.

A: If you don’t require a final custom sample, we offer free samples for you to inspect the quality. However, if you are interested in a final custom sample, please provide us with your detailed requirements, and our sales team will promptly assess the associated costs for you.

A: The typical minimum order quantity (MOQ) for our cream jars is 5,000 pieces. However, for certain items, the MOQ can be as low as 3,000 pieces. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and we will provide full support for your business needs.

To our Customers:

1.Your satisfaction and positive feedback are very important to us. lf you are satisfied withour goods and services, please leave us positive feedback.

2. lf you have any questions about our goods or services, please feel free to contact us.

3.Dalica will try our best to solve any problems and provide you with the bestcustomer service.

Customer reviews

Review the feedback from some of our clients rather than exclusively depending on our statements.

Customers love our products in elegant cream jars. It adds a premium feel to the overall packaging.


Robert has been awesome as always and it is my second time requesting for samples and it has arrived within a few days.


Very fast service. Product was very good quality. Will do more business with this company



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