Continuous Trigger Fine Mist Spraye Bottle

SPB01-200 200ml 200mm 60mm
SPB01-300 300ml 240mm 60mm

Color: As picture or customized                                                                   Material: PET, PP

Sample: Free samples available                                                                       MOQ: 5000pcs

Product Description

Product Overview

1. Continuous Fine Mist Spray: After your 2nd trigger pull, you will get a continuous spray of fine mist lasting 1 seconds without having to pull the trigger. Even when turned upside down, you will get even, complete sprays in every single pull. The mist is so fine that even if you miss and get it on furniture it will dry up almost instantly.

2. Light Trigger Pull: Spare your fingers and avoid any pain! Our BPA Free spray bottles include a light trigger pull for your maximum convenience. Particularly recommended for customers suffering from arthritis.

3. Super Quick to Refill: The unique threading of our twist top design allows you to quickly twist the head 180° to remove it and refill it. This is unlike our competitors that will leave you unscrewing the head many times and wasting precious time just to refill the bottle when you could be cleaning your bathroom or styling hair!

4. Leak Proof, 360° Spray: Our unique design provides maximum versatility using the option to spray in any angle, while protecting your countertops and surfaces by eliminating any leaks. Keep the water exactly where you want it: inside the bottle and spraying according to your directions!

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Components & Materials

Pump PP
Body PET

Why Choose Spray Bottles?

1.Convenient Application: Continuous spray bottles offer easy and efficient application, providing a fine and even mist that is easy to apply and saves time.

2.Uniform Coverage: The continuous mist provides uniform product coverage that traditional pump bottles or aerosol cans may not offer, ensuring even distribution.

3.Environmentally Friendly: Many continuous spray bottles are designed to be reusable, reducing single-use packaging and reducing its impact on the environment.

4.Versatility: Continuous spray bottles can be used for various cosmetic and personal care products, making them versatile and cost-effective for businesses.

5.Enhanced User Experience: The user-friendly, ergonomic design of continuous spray bottles can create a positive experience that improves the purchase decision and customer loyalty.

Custom OEM & ODM Service

1.Design Flexibility: OEM and ODM services allow for customizing the design of the continuous spray bottle to align with specific branding and product requirements, including shape, size, color, and labeling.

2.Material Selection: The services offer the flexibility to choose the appropriate materials for the continuous spray bottle based on factors such as product compatibility, sustainability goals, and aesthetic preferences.

3.Brand Integration: Customization services enable the integration of brand elements, such as logos, colors, and unique features, into the design of the continuous spray bottle, reinforcing brand identity and recognition.

4.Customized Functionality: These services allow for tailoring the functionality of the continuous spray bottle, including spray mechanisms, to meet the specific needs of the cosmetic product it will contain.

Packaging & Shipping

1.For small quantity, shipment is preferred to shipping with express by UPS, FEDEX or DHL to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2.For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by sea, air, door to door, express or economy. Let us know your requirement, we’ll try to save your budget and meet deadline.

The FAQs About Spray Bottles?

A: Proper storage is important to maintain the quality and usability of your spray bottle. Store your spray bottles away from harsh chemicals or excessive heat to prevent damage, contamination, or evaporation of the product being contained.

A: Yes, you can customize your spray bottle design by adding unique shapes, textures, colors, and labeling. Customization options give a product a unique brand identity and can enhance the user experience.

A: To clean a spray bottle, rinse it with warm water, use a mild detergent, and a small brush to clean the nozzle. Rinse it again with water and allow it to air dry.

A: Spray bottles can be reused, but proper sanitation should be followed to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. It is also recommended to consider the product compatibility and the quality of the container before reusing.

A: Choosing the right spray nozzle depends on the thickness, viscosity, and chemical composition of the product being sprayed. Some nozzle options include mist sprayers, triggers or pumps, and foam triggers.

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Customer reviews

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I love the jars! They are amazing quality and they are very very pretty 5/5 recommend.



Have yet to use them but from looking at them, they are great quality! shipping was also really fast! im extremely happy with my purchase.


I got the 8oz jars for my face cream and they look jus like the picture . My customers love them and i cant wait to make my next order




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