15ml 30ml 50ml Essential Oil Dropper Bottle

GDB05-15 15ml 86mm 33mm
GDB05-30 30ml 92mm 40mm
GDB05-50 50ml 100mm 52mm

Color: As picture or customized                                Material: Glass, PE, Rubber, Aluminium

Sample: Free samples available                                                                     MOQ: 10000pcs

Product Description

Product Overview

1. Premium and Durable Construction: The utilization of high-quality materials such as glass for the body and pipette, aluminum for the dropper cap, and ABS for the inner cap ensures a premium, durable, and protective packaging solution for various cosmetic products.

2. Precise Dispensing and Application: The inclusion of a glass pipette with a rubber tip allows for precise, controlled, and mess-free dispensing and application of the product, making it particularly suitable for skincare serums, essential oils, and other concentrated formulations.

3. Versatile Capacity Options: Offering three different capacities (15ml, 30ml, and 50ml) provides versatility in product volumes, catering to diverse customer needs and usage scenarios.

4. Aesthetic Appeal and Brand Differentiation: The glass dropper bottle’s luxurious appearance, complemented by the aluminum dropper cap, enhances the overall aesthetics of the packaging, adding a touch of sophistication and aiding in brand differentiation on the shelf.

5. Eco-friendly and Recyclable: Glass is a sustainable and eco-friendly material, making the bottle a more environmentally responsible choice. The recyclable nature of glass aligns with consumer preferences for sustainable packaging options.

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Components & Materials

Tip Rubber
Dropper cap Aluminum
Inner cap ABS
Insert PE
Pipette Glass
Body Glass

Why Choose Glass Dropper Bottles?

1. Product Protection: Glass is impermeable and will not react with the contents of the bottle, ensuring the stability and integrity of the product over time. This is particularly important for sensitive cosmetic formulations that can be affected by exposure to light or air.

2. Sustainability: Glass is a fully recyclable material, making glass dropper bottles an environmentally friendly choice. It aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging options.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: Glass has a high-end appearance that conveys luxury and quality. This is beneficial for premium cosmetic products looking to exude a sophisticated and elegant image.

4. Reusability: Glass dropper bottles can be easily cleaned and sterilized for reuse, supporting efforts to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices.

5. Brand Image: Utilizing glass dropper bottles can positively impact brand image, portraying a commitment to quality, sustainability, and consumer satisfaction.

Custom OEM & ODM Service

1. Bottle Size and Shape: Select the best bottle size and shape to fit the cosmetic product, keeping in line with the brand’s aesthetics and functionality.
2. Dropper Type: Choose a dropper that matches the product’s viscosity and application needs, such as standard glass droppers, pipette-style droppers, or other specialized types.
3. Bottle Color: Opt for glass colors like clear, amber, blue, or frosted to complement the brand and protect the product from light degradation.
4. Custom Branding: Include embossed or debossed logos, printed brand names, or custom colors to align the bottle with the brand’s identity and packaging design.
5. Closure Options: Select closure types, like child-resistant dropper caps or metallic caps, to ensure functionality and safety meet the brand’s standards.
6. Surface Finishing: Decide on a finish, such as matte or glossy, to enhance the bottle’s visual appeal and tactile experience, aligning with the brand’s image.
7. Packaging and Presentation: Consider branded boxes, trays, or inserts for a complete and upscale unboxing experience for customers.

Custom Options for Dropper Bottle Accessories 

Dalica provides an extensive selection of materials for accessories, including child-resistant dropper caps. We utilize anti-corrosion materials such as Silicone Rubber and Nitrile Rubber (NBR).

Recognizing the significance of compatibility in the packaging industry, Dalica offers glass dropper bottles with a variety of thread sizes, such as DIN18, DIN20, DIN22, and DIN24. This guarantees a seamless fit between your bottles and your chosen closure system, ensuring a secure and dependable seal.

Packaging & Shipping

1.For small quantity, shipment is preferred to shipping with express by UPS, FEDEX or DHL to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2.For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by sea, air, door to door, express or economy. Let us know your requirement, we’ll try to save your budget and meet deadline.

The FAQs About Glass Dropper Bottles

A: Yes, glass dropper bottles can be manufactured with UV protection to prevent light-sensitive products from degrading.

: Glass dropper bottles are often made from Type I borosilicate glass, known for its durability and resistance to thermal shock.

A: Yes, glass dropper bottles are compatible with a wide range of serums, including vitamin C serums.

A: Glass dropper bottles should be stored away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain product quality.

A: Common closure types for glass dropper bottles include dropper caps, tamper-evident caps, and child-resistant caps.

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Customer reviews

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I love the sleek and premium look of the glass dropper bottle. It adds a luxurious feel to the product.


The UV protection of the glass dropper bottle has helped preserve the potency of the product over time.


The UV protection of the glass dropper bottle has helped preserve the potency of the product over time.



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