Paper Power: Guyenne’s Revolutionary Eco-Friendly Solution

427 wordsPublished On: March 25th, 2024

The burgeoning utilization of paper, a biodegradable and bio-sourced material, as a substrate for packaging components presents compelling alternatives to plastic. Guyenne Papier specializes in the transformation of paper and cardboard materials, equipping them with essential barrier properties that render them prime materials for sustainable approaches.

Transitioning From Plastic To Paper For Sustainable Packaging

In light of the growing awareness about the environmental repercussions of plastic containers and the anticipation of new regulatory constraints, various sectors, including food and cosmetics, are pivoting towards cellulose and paper for diverse packaging applications. In France, the AGEC law mandates a 25% reduction in the use of single-use plastic packaging by 2025. As a response to this pivotal shift, Guyenne Papier, a coating specialist, is actively developing processes tailored to coat raw paper with specific layers that confer desired properties.

Céline Procop, the Director of the Dordogne-based company, asserts, “We collaborate with the cosmetics industry to impart paper with grease resistance, waterproofing, and heat-sealing properties. This effort has resulted in achieving impressive barrier levels, surpassing traditional paper offerings.”

Eco-Friendly Solutions With Unparalleled Performance

Guyenne Papier’s unique processes, particularly evident in the Sunibarier range, leverage biosourced and biodegradable treatments to attain high levels of performance. Greenbee papers, for example, offer a grease-proof barrier with heat-sealable packaging that is 100% biobased and compostable. Moreover, for water barriers, the company integrates synthetic, partly biodegradable polymers, aiming for biodegradability and striving to offer products that serve as alternatives to paper + PE complexes, ensuring the recyclability of coated products.

Enhanced Practicality And Printability

Guyenne Papier’s innovative applications guarantee a 3 to 6-month-proof barrier function, proving highly suitable for use as cosmetic refills. Additionally, a surface treatment can be applied to improve the printability of the paper, enhancing its decorative potential.

Advancing Collaborative Partnerships For A Sustainable Future

Acting as a pivotal player in the value chain, Guyenne Papier collaborates closely with brands to provide its clients – printers and packaging converters – with optimized base materials. The President emphasizes the significance of this endeavor, particularly in an environment where paper materials are gaining prominence in the packaging sector. “Few people realize that companies like us are already capable of providing viable industrial solutions with highly functional products. To those who are still hesitant about the transition from plastic to paper, I urge you to give our paper and paperboard a chance,” concludes Céline Procop.

In conclusion, Guyenne Papier’s commitment to innovation and sustainability stands as a testament to the transformative power of paper in the packaging industry, offering environmentally conscious solutions without compromising on performance or practicality.

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