Evonik Unveils Plant-Based Biotech Vegan Collagen Ingredient

469 wordsPublished On: March 25th, 2024

The specialty chemicals supplier has introduced Vecollage Fortify L, a brand-new vegan collagen tailored for the beauty and personal care market. This innovative product perfectly replicates the qualities of natural skin collagen, presenting a compelling solution for beauty and skincare enthusiasts.

Vecollage Fortify L makes strategic use of Evonik’s expertise in biotechnology, collagen, and skincare to effectively address the increasing need for vegan collagen in various applications, including anti-aging and hydrating creams. This exceptional development serves as a testament to Evonik’s commitment to delivering high-quality, sustainable solutions to meet consumer demands in the beauty and personal care industry.

Strengthening Collagen With Double Benefits

In a significant stride towards non-animal alternatives, the launch of Vecollage Fortify L signifies the initial step in Evonik’s journey to establish a diverse range of sustainable collagen solutions. This innovative platform will showcase different variants of vegan collagen, developed collaboratively by Evonik and its esteemed partners.

Vecollage Fortify L emerges from a fruitful partnership with Modern Meadow Inc., renowned for its expertise in fermentation-based protein innovation. Through cutting-edge fermentation technology, this groundbreaking ingredient effectively caters to the growing market demand for vegan collagen, marking a pivotal shift towards sustainable beauty solutions.

“For years, collagen has been a prized component in skincare and cosmetics for its remarkable skin-firming, elasticity-enhancing, and hydrating properties. Traditionally sourced from animal and marine origins, the shift towards vegan collagen reflects evolving consumer preferences for ethical and sustainable choices. Brands, attuned to issues of supply security, are increasingly embracing this trend,” shares Evonik in a statement illustrating the transformative impact of this development.

Harnessing Dual Benefits To Enhance Collagen Strength

Collagen faces challenges from both internal aging processes and external factors like sun exposure. Through extensive in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo evaluations, Vecollage Fortify L has proven its ability to support and enhance the skin’s natural collagen structure.

Evonik highlights the remarkable dual-action benefits of Vecollage Fortify L in fortifying skin collagen. It works by combatting age-induced collagen degradation while simultaneously promoting the skin’s inherent collagen production.

“The future of skincare revolves around biotechnology-driven collagen! This innovative solution enables brand owners to provide consumers with sustainably sourced, skin-compatible collagen,” states Yann d’Hervé, the head of Evonik’s Care Solutions business line, envisioning a new era of skincare excellence.

Aesthetic Qualities

Somater highlights that employing the ALGX material imparts a velvety and silky texture to the product, resulting in a luxurious tactile sensation. The compound, with its natural “toffee” hues, is offered in a color palette spanning from white to black, incorporating pastel shades.

Enhancing the aesthetics further, screen printing and hot stamping decoration techniques can introduce an additional touch of sophistication to the packaging.

Various packaging formats, such as jars, bottles, caps, closures, and cups, were showcased during the Paris Packaging Week in January 2024.

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