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Radiant Skin, Captured In Every Jar


Our airless pump bottles offer an elegant and luxurious cosmetic packaging solution for cremes and lotions. These unique pump bottles are guaranteed to stand out, adding a premium touch to your product line. All our airless pump bottles are crafted out of the highest quality materials.

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Airless Jar

Discover Our Beautiful Collection

Find the ideal cream jar to elevate your brand’s presentation.

Create Your Unique Brand

Customize your cream jar with designs that embody your brand’s essence.

Upgrade Your Packaging

Elevate your brand with cream jar that harmoniously blend style and functionality.

PP Jar

PP (Polypropylene) jars are lightweight, durable, and versatile, making them an ideal choice for various skincare, haircare, and makeup products.

Acrylic Jar

Acrylic jars are renowned for high clarity, shatter resistance, and design versatility, popular for luxury cosmetic packaging, highlighting product aesthetics.

Aluminum Jar

Aluminum Jar: Lightweight, impermeable packaging for cosmetic products, with modern, elegant appeal, recyclable, and sustainable.


PET and PETG jars offer transparency, impact resistance, recyclability, and durability, ideal for showcasing cosmetic formulations.


PCR jars offer sustainable packaging, crafted from recycled materials, aligning with increasing demand for eco-friendly cosmetics.

Personalized Packaging: Customizing Cream Jars to Reflect Your Brand Identity

Choosing the Right Cream Jar for Your Cosmetic Line

By Size

By Function

By Color

Customization Options

1.Custom Colors: Cream jars can be made in custom colors to match a brand’s identity and branding.
2.Labeling and Printing: Allows for logos, product names, or ingredient lists to be prominently displayed on the cream jars.
3.Embossing and Debossing: Brands can add logos, patterns, or text on the surface of the cream jars for a premium look and feel.
4.Custom Shapes and Sizes: Manufacturers offer custom shapes and sizes for cream jars, providing a unique packaging solution.
5.Surface Finishes: Different finishes, such as matte, glossy, or textured, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the cream jars.
6.Material Selection: Brands can select materials for the cream jars to align with their sustainability goals or create a specific look and feel.
7.Closure Customization: Customizing the closures of cream jars can further enhance the packaging’s visual appeal and functionality.
8.Specialized Packaging Effects: Special effects such as metallic finishes or color gradients can create a distinct visual impact.
9.Packaging Accessories: Addition of accessories such as inner liners or customized caps can enhance the functionality and user experience of the cream jars.

Cream Jar  Applications

1.Skincare Products: Cream jars are commonly employed for packaging face creams, moisturizers, serums, and eye creams. These products often require air-tight and light-blocking containers to preserve their efficacy, making cream jars an ideal choice.
2.Haircare Products: Cream jars are also used for packaging hair masks, hair conditioners, hair styling products, and scalp treatments. These products benefit from the wide-mouth design of cream jars, which allows for easy application and access to the product.
3.Makeup Products: Cream jars serve as packaging for foundations, concealers, BB creams, and cream blushes. The airtight and secure nature of cream jars helps in preserving the texture and consistency of these products.
4.Body Care Products: Various body creams, body butters, and hand creams are packaged in cream jars due to their convenient and user-friendly design, allowing for easy access to the product.
5.Pharmaceuticals and Dermatological Products: Cream jars are also used to package dermatological creams, medical ointments, and pharmaceutical products, ensuring secure and sanitary storage for these formulations.

Why Choose Dalica  Cream Jars ?

Uncompromising Quality

We are dedicated to meticulously producing cream jars that adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring that your products are housed in containers that reflect excellence and reliability.

Customization Capabilities

Dalica offers customizable cream jar solutions, tailored to meet specific branding and product requirements, ensuring that your packaging aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Trusted Reputation


Dalica has built a strong reputation in the industry, earning the trust of numerous brands for their cream jar requirements, making them a reliable and respected partner for your packaging needs.

Cost-Effective Production

By leveraging advanced manufacturing processes, Dalica efficiently produces high-quality cream jars, offering a cost-effective packaging solution for businesses.

Dedicated Customer Support


Dalica provides dedicated and knowledgeable sales support, ensuring prompt responses to inquiries and offering personalized assistance to address your unique business needs effectively.

Exceptional Industry Experience

Dalica has extensive experience in cream jar manufacturing and a proven track record of delivering high-quality packaging solutions, reflecting a deep understanding of customer needs and industry standards.

Customer Testimonials

Samples made as required, printing looks very nice, overall good quality product and service.

Jesall Kachalia, from India

We are a cosmetic bottling factory. “I was not sure for launching contest at Jarsking and bit confused. But when we received few designs then I realized It is right place for us. They have very good and talented designers. Their support staff is great and they provide 24*7 service which really great.”

Colin Ashvin, from Malaysia

I’ve forgotten how many times I bought it. Every time, the seller handled my order carefully and gave some professional suggestions. I’m very satisfied

Naila Khan, from the United Kingdom

The FAQ about Cream jar

A: The most common sizes of cream jars for cosmetic products are typically 5ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml. Larger sizes such as 200ml and 250ml are also available for bulk applications.
A: Lead times for production, customization, and shipping of cream jars depend on factors such as order quantity, customization complexity, and supplier capabilities, and may typically range from a few weeks to a few months.
A: Depending on the material, cream jars can be recyclable. Brands can also opt for sustainable packaging options such as using recycled materials and offering refillable or reusable jar options.
A: To ensure product safety and integrity, proper sealing, tamper-evident features, and secure closures for cream jars are essential. Packaging design should also account for stability during transport and storage.
A: Cream jars can be paired with various closure options such as screw caps, pump dispensers, and flip-top lids, which impact user experience by influencing ease of access and product dispensing.
A: Bulk discounts are often available for large orders of cream jars, with minimum order quantities varying among suppliers and depending on customization requirements.

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