Algae-Based Polymer Packaging Solution by Somater and Eranova

345 wordsPublished On: March 25th, 2024

During Paris Packaging Week in January, the French polymer primary pack manufacturer revealed a range of packaging solutions integrating third-generation bio-based materials sourced from algae.

Somater has partnered with the French start-up Eranova to develop a completely bio-based line of packaging solutions, in a concerted effort to offer a sustainable substitute for fossil-based polymers.

Transformed Green Algae: Sustainable Utilization

Somater’s latest line of biosourced solutions is founded on the ALGX material, which is a product of Eranova’s innovative process involving green algae sourced from the shores of a brackish water lagoon near Marseille, situated in the southern region of France. The algae are subjected to a starch enrichment procedure in expansive ponds, where they actively sequester CO2 from the atmosphere. Subsequently, the starch is extracted and converted into a usable bio-based resin.

This technology offers the unique benefit of utilizing an abundant natural resource without infringing on agricultural crops. What’s more, green algae have the remarkable capacity to absorb up to 10 times more CO2 per hectare than forests, ensuring an exceptional environmental footprint!

Eco-Friendly Composite Resin

Somater employs a cutting-edge blend of the ALGX biosourced material with PP/PE to produce its primary packs, creating a recyclable solution.

Somater stated, “We also offer 100% bio-based combinations or those incorporating PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled). These formulations offer brands a diverse array of options, all of which have a proven positive environmental impact, as demonstrated through standardized Life Cycle Assessments.”

The resin is designed to be suitable for various manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, extrusion blow molding, and thermoforming.

Aesthetic Qualities

Somater highlights that employing the ALGX material imparts a velvety and silky texture to the product, resulting in a luxurious tactile sensation. The compound, with its natural “toffee” hues, is offered in a color palette spanning from white to black, incorporating pastel shades.

Enhancing the aesthetics further, screen printing and hot stamping decoration techniques can introduce an additional touch of sophistication to the packaging.

Various packaging formats, such as jars, bottles, caps, closures, and cups, were showcased during the Paris Packaging Week in January 2024.

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