Preservation Redefined: AIRLESS PUMP BOTTLES

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Elevate Your Cosmetics: Airless Pump Perfection

Our airless pump bottles offer an elegant and luxurious cosmetic packaging solution for cremes and lotions. These unique pump bottles are guaranteed to stand out, adding a premium touch to your product line. All our airless pump bottles are crafted out of the highest quality materials.

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Airless Pump Bottles

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Dalica offers a range of surface finishes for airless pump bottles, tailored to meet customer requirements. Choose from options such as screen printing, hot stamping, electroplating, and label stickers to elevate the professional appeal of your products.

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How Airless pump bottles work?

Airless pump bottles use a vacuum system to dispense products without letting air enter the container.
1. Vacuum Pump: The bottle is designed with a vacuum pump system that pushes the product upward, preventing air from entering the container as the product is dispensed. This helps to minimize the risk of contamination and oxidation of the product.
2. Diaphragm or Piston: Airless pump bottles often contain a diaphragm or piston at the base of the container. When the pump is pressed, the diaphragm or piston moves upward, causing a vacuum to form within the bottle, which in turn pushes the product upward and out of the nozzle.
3. Barrier Technology: Airless pump bottles typically incorporate barrier technology, such as a bag, pouch, or piston, to ensure that the product is completely dispensed without air exposure. This helps to maintain the stability and integrity of the product, particularly for sensitive formulations like skincare creams and serums.
4. Preservative Efficiency: The airless design can also contribute to the preservation of the product by minimizing exposure to air and external contaminants, thus reducing the need for certain preservatives and potentially extending the shelf life of the product.

Airless Pump Bottles Applications

1.Skincare: Ideal for serums, lotions, creams, and moisturizers, airless pump bottles ensure the preservation and precise dispensing of skincare formulations.
2.Cosmetics: Used for foundations, concealers, BB creams, and other cosmetic products, airless pump bottles offer controlled dosage and protection against air exposure.
3.Dermatological Products: Suitable for pharmaceutical and dermatological formulations such as medicinal creams and ointments, airless pump bottles maintain the integrity of specialized skincare treatments.
4.Sun Care Products: For sunscreen lotions, sunblocks, and after-sun skincare products, airless pump bottles help preserve the efficacy of UV protection formulations.
5.Anti-Aging Solutions: Airless pump bottles are commonly used for anti-aging serums, eye creams, and specialized skincare products, ensuring the longevity of active ingredients.
6.Natural and Organic Products: Airless pump bottles are well-suited for natural and organic cosmetic formulations, providing protection against air and contamination, particularly beneficial for sensitive and natural skincare lines.

What are the benefits of airless pump bottles?

Customer Testimonials

I am super happy with the products that I ordered. They are high quality and beautiful. They exceeded my expectations. Customer service was amazing too! Quick to respond and they really try their best to find a solution for you . I will be ordering more . Thank you Cherish Wong!

Welson Dorly, from Germany

We have had a very good experience working with this company! They are very careful to make sure the details are fully discussed and worked through to prevent issues.

Svetlana Senko, from Italy

Robert is extremely responsive, produced a high quality sample for us. We immediately knew this would be our supplier moving forward. Fast shipping, excellent design, and very high quality.

Enes Talha, from Turkey

The FAQ about Airles Pump bottles

A: Airless pump bottles are commonly available in materials such as plastic, acrylic, and glass, each offering distinct benefits and aesthetics.

A: Yes, airless pump bottles are suitable for natural and organic cosmetic formulations, providing protection against air and contamination.

A: Some airless pump bottles are designed to offer UV protection, safeguarding light-sensitive cosmetic formulations from degradation.

A: airless pump bottles may feature various dispensing mechanisms, including pumps, droppers, or sprays, catering to different application needs.

A: Some airless pump bottles may meet regulatory standards for medical or pharmaceutical use, but it is essential to verify suitability with specific requirements.

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