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Dalica’s primary product line encompasses cosmetics and skincare products, featuring a diverse range of non-air pump bottles, emulsion bottles, spray bottles, foam bottles, cream jars, glass containers, and various other multi-shaped and multi-specification options, catering to a wide spectrum of user preferences. The company is currently ISO9001 quality system certified and is committed to expanding its presence in the international market.

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Dalica is a leading name into prociding all kind of cosmetic solution.



The company invested in a specialized R&D department and mold production to focus on tube research and innovation with a professional approach.

Custom Services

Our experienced engineers and designers can turn your unique concept into a reality. We offer customized color, printing, and private molding services to customers worldwide.

Wide Range of Model

We have a wide range of models available to match your products, each with unique features and benefits. You can find the perfect model to suit your needs and budget.

Excellent Location

Shipping cosmetic containers from our factory to your warehouse is extremely convenient due to our close proximity to the Ningbo and Shanghai ports.


As the industry becomes greener and more socially responsible, using sustainable packaging and labels sets the tone for an eco-friendly brand right from the start.

Quality Control

Precision tolerance is controlled to 0.01mm,Ensure that the product qualified rate reaches 99%,PassedISO9001 quality management systemcertification.

Packaging beauty, the Dalica way! 

Services for Rigorous Inspection of Cosmetic Packaging

Our range of third-party quality control inspections for cosmetics include the following:
First-Article Inspections (FAI) are performed prior to mass production. Product properties are measured and compared with specifications to verify quality matches.

In-Process Inspections (IPI) ensure that the processes and techniques used to manufacture cosmetic products are followed.

Pre-Shipment Inspections (PSI) verify the conformity of cosmetics to specifications before shipping. Inspectors evaluate workmanship, functionality, packaging, labeling, and other criteria as required.

Container Loading Supervision (CLS) ensures that proper methods are employed during product loading, and counts are verified on-site.

Sorting services are used to inspect production and detect quality issues or perform rework operations.



Our mission for cosmetic packaging is to redefine the standard of beauty and elegance by crafting packaging solutions that not only protect and preserve the integrity of the product, but also elevate the overall user experience. We are committed to merging functionality with aesthetics, ensuring that our packaging not only reflects the quality of the contents within but also enhances the perception of the brand. By prioritizing sustainability and innovation, we aim to set new benchmarks in the cosmetic packaging industry, empowering brands to present their products in a manner that captivates and inspires discerning consumers worldwide.

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we are professional manufacturer of cosmetics packaging cantainers and related products.